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Live in Okinawa, What is winter in Okinawa like ?

更新日時: 2021.9.18


Haitai (Hello)!

I'm Saki, a villa resort real estate agent.

In September, Okinawa is getting a little cooler in the morning and evening!

There are some days when we can spend time at home without a air conditioning.

Summer is still in full swing during the day, and the sun is glaring in Okinawa, but today I would like to talk a little about winter in Okinawa.

Colder than you expected?


"Okinawa is hot all year round! "many people think like this, but unfortunately there is also a winter season here.

There are no four seasons as clear as the mainland. Summer is long, and we feel that there was a slightly autumnal season before winter.

The winds are getting colder from December, and January to February is the coldest time, just like the mainland.

The average winter temperature in Okinawa is, a minimum temperature of 14 to 15 ℃(59°F) and a maximum temperature of 18 to 19 ℃(66°F). Even just wearing a single shirt, we sometimes feel hot depending on the weather.

Winter clothes and heater


I'm came from mainland of Japan. When I first moved to Okinawa, I completely misunderstood about the winter in Okinawa.

I thought a thin jacket would be fine, but sometimes I felt much colder enough to want a down coat!

However, down it is not always happening. So I think a single thin jacket and a thicker coat or jacket would be enough and useful. You can adjust the warmness according to the temperature and wind strength.

Depending on the structure and location of the house, it may get cold indoors, so we also use a heater. You may feel a little wired at first time to see that heaters and stoves are sold in Okinawa. But you might think it is necessary! as you get used to the winter here year by year.

The reason why I think winter in Okinawa is the best!


I overemphasized the coldness, but of course it is nicer and warmer than the mainland.

If you don't like the cold, that's all you need for winter in Okinawa, but another reason I want to spend winter in Okinawa is NO hay fever here!

I have been suffering from hay fever since I was in the upper grades of elementary school ... I couldn't let go of my mask and medicine every day from February to mid-April! (Many Japanese have hay fever)

However, since cedar does not grow naturally in Okinawa, I can spend the pollinosis season without stress. This is like a paradise for people with hay fever!

Best season to find your house!

Best season is winter for finding properties in Okinawa.

It is tough and hard physically to move around the properties on a hot summer day. As it gets a little cooler, it will be the great season to find a property for those who are thinking of moving or relocating.

At Villa Resort, we will help you with a wonderful and enjoyable lifestyle, such as living in Okinawa, work, hobbies, asset formation and holiday fun.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions.


Villa Real Estate Agent / Saki Taguchi

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