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Live in Okinawa, Live with Oceans

更新日時: 2021.7. 4

Living your dream?


Okinawa is quite popular holiday destination in Japan.

The islands are lined with coral reefs, and you will see beautiful clear water, which changes the color reflected by the sunshine.

The beach sand is blighter and whiter because it is made of corals. Corals grow, die, and get broken by the waves, and becoming sediments for new reefs.

People enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, or just waking at a beach is so refreshing and peaceful apart from the urban din.

Living in Okinawa, means living with oceans.

As I've been scuba diving instructor for 7 years here Okinawa, let me introduce 5 top of the beautiful diving / snorkeling sites which are good access from main island of Okinawa.

  1. Kerama islands


Kerama islands are consisted of 20 big or small islands. There's some boat services from Naha for a day trip, or you can also use a ferry and land on the island directly.

Kerama is one of the famous dive destination, the water is extremely clear, with a variety of table, branch shaped corals. You might encounter so friendly sea turtles!

  1. Minna island (Motobu)


It is located in the north area Motobu. Minna beach is well known among tourists as a white sand beach and crystal clear water. So diving here is also amazing!

Minna island is called "Croissant island" because of the shape, surrounded by coral reefs.

The coral reefs are stunning. Colorful, blue, green, yellow, purple, pink, red, brown... you can see all of the color at a glance.

  1. Cape Manza (Onna)


Onna village is located in the middle of Okinawa main island, and Cape Manza is a great landscape sightseeing site, where one of the rocks look like an elephant when you look down it from the hill. Once you jump into the water, you will realize that the land is an extension of the sea. There's a deep wall which ranges to 40-50m depth. "Dream Hole" is the most famous site at this location. The hole is vertically down to 25m, and the exit hole looks like a Pocket Monster's Pikachew!

  1. Cape Kyan (Itoman)


Let's go back to the south part of Okinawa. Itoman is getting a popular place these days for people who come from outside of Okinawa to emigrate.

Kyan cape is the southern most of Okinawa, 180-degree panorama view from the top. Underwater, there's so many caves and crevasses. Especially when it is sunny, the strong sunshine comes down to the cave, and show us a beautiful scene, spot lights, curtain of the light... you might get into it and forget time.

  1. Cape Hedo (Kunigami-vil.)


This is the northern-most of Okinawa main island.

Dive site 'Hedo dome' is underwater limestone cave, where only divers are allowed to enter. You can ascend to the surface inside its air dome, and will see massive limestones there. Water is always dropping from the ceiling and it is still making the dome taking such a long long time...This is not suitable for snorkelers though, definitely it will be a bucket list if you are a diver.

There's so many places to dive / snorkel in Okinawa, and we can offer you not only housing but also lifestyle living with oceans.

If you are interested in...

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