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The Top Ranked Comfortable city/town to live in Okinawa

更新日時: 2021.7.27

If you are thinking to move to Okinawa, choosing the place is a big deal!


The top most comfortable cities in Okinawa has announced

by Daito Trust Construction Co., Ltd. (Reference:

According to it, their scores are:

  1. Chatan town
  2. Nakagusuku village
  3. Tomigusuku city
  4. Kitanakagusuku village
  5. Haebaru town

Personally I agree with this result that Chatan town is nice to live in! Let me introduce the nice point of this town.

Great Access to beach

There are some beaches, which is nice to chill. Araha beach is white sand beach that is 600m long.

People enjoy swimming, sun tanning, yoga or sports. It also has kids playground, BBQ space,

very nice to family. Miyagi coast is known as a mecca for water sports, snorkeling, diving, and surfing.

You can enjoy café and restaurant along the seaside.


Araha Beach



Miyagi Coast

Café & Restaurants

So many options for eating. American/Hawaiian style café, Mexican, Thai food, Bagels,

Sandwiches, Burgers,'s kind of hard to choose!


Seaside café Hanon


CC's Chicken & Waffles

Don't forget about the Okinawan food. Okinawan soba noodle, its made from flour

and pork belly on top. Hamaya soba at Miyagi coast is one of the most famous Okinawa noodle shop.


Hamaya soba

Mihama American Village

Mihama American Village is a large entertainment complex, movies, restaurants and shopping.

It is located at the seaside, you can enjoy the meal while looking at the ocean view.

American village was built themed around American west coast city. It looks pop and cute

on daytime, but from the sunset, the scenery is changed to the atmosphere for adults.



Mihama American Village

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